The Impact Factor of the Official Journal of the WFSC, the Applied Soft Computing Journal (Elsevier) for 2020 is 6.725

Soft Computing Letters (SCL), a companion title to Applied Soft Computing, is a new open access letters journal, promoting original soft computing research.

Welcome to World Federation on Soft Computing

World Conference on Soft Computing (WSC) is an online conference hosted on the internet organized by multiple universities across the world. The conferences have established a new way of publishing technical papers and discuss about papers in greater detail.

Please visit WSC18 home page for further information.

WSC Conferences have reached a critical mass and have received international recognition from technical organizations like IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society and NAFIPS. Several industrial sponsors have supported the series of conference through technical contribution and financial assistance.

The organizers of WSC conferences have decided to expand the current activities and make the 'Web based technical discussion and publishing' more popular. It is proposed that the organizers will facilitate to form a 'World Federation on Soft Computing', which is a virtual society for active researchers in the field.

The aim of the Federation would be to promote 'Soft Computing' across the world. The Federation will promote all other organizations in this area and will evangelize the concept of 'virtual discussion and publishing'.

The official journal of the World Federation on Soft Computing is the journal Applied Soft Computing Journal , published by Elsevier Press.

We are asking for volunteers from academia, young researchers and from industry to join the Federation Technical and Advisory Committees. If you are intended to take part in this new era of Soft Computing and its applications, please send email to:

Prof. Takeshi Furuhashi

Prof. Rajkumar Roy

We look forward to work with you in this new Federation!

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